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This is a 1v1 fps multiplayer game with a twist on the normal shooting mechanic. The goal was to create a fully functional network connectivity over the internet to be able to fight against other players in a 1v1 first person shooter scenario. The aim was to create a unique feeling, implementing a new idea of what could become a competitive game.

The idea of the game was to create a small arena which would be easy to learn and fun to play in. It features a short 1v1 match in which the player controls a character with the keyboard from a first person perspective and is able to move through the environment with the aim of finding the enemy player and shooting it using the mouse, while avoiding to get shot back.


1Bullet.rar 409 MB

Install instructions

The game is ready to be played from the archive but because of the free plan I chose for the server that's hosting the game, only 20 players can play at the same time. That means 10 rooms of 2 players each maximum.

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